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6.2 mm dia. XL PRO™ VideoProbe® System with Internal Working Channel Offers Ten Tools in One

Flanders, New Jersey - April 8, 2005 - Responding to a U.S. Air Force initiative to reduce equipment inventory and standardize video borescopes, Everest VIT, the world leader in Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) technology, has developed a multi-purpose, small diameter, foreign object debris (FOD) retrieval system for military aircraft engines. Specifically designed to meet military aviation inspection requirements, the 6.2 mm diameter VideoProbe with a working channel combines FOD retrieval capabilities, optical tip adaptors, StereoProbe® measurement, still image and video capture capabilities in one scope. The small 6.2 mm diameter scope uses the same working channel tools as its larger sister scope – the 7.3 mm diameter VideoProbe system, including:

4 mm dia. magnet
8 mm dia. magnet
3-prong grabber
Large alligator
Small alligator
F100 hook and drag inspection (second stage turbine stator vane inspection)
Measurement comparator gauge (for go-no-go comparison)
F110 shim inspection

The product has already been approved for use on the F100, F101, F108, F110, F118 and F119 engines and is in the process of becoming part of the AS455 allowance standard for all U.S. Air Force military aircraft and their respective engines.

“Loose parts, foreign objects and debris in aircraft engines can cause serious damage to compressor and turbine blades,” said Joe Lopez, XL PRO™ VideoProbe® product line manager at Everest VIT. “FOD poses serious risks to flight safety, and those risks can be compounded without the use of proper retrieval tools. The 6.2 mm dia. VideoProbe with an internal working channel is designed to get to those hard-to-reach areas without requiring costly disassembly, and it allows inspectors to perform retrievals faster, easier, and more efficiently. It is the most complete FOD retrieval tool on the market.”

The 6.2 mm VideoProbe working channel system is available in both XL PRO and XL PRO Plus versions as well as base, digital, advanced and measurement configurations.

The XL PRO Plus VideoProbe features the ability to record digital still images and MPEG2 or MPEG1 video either on its internal 32MB flash memory or on a removable CompactFlash (CF) card. An ergonomic hand-piece provides a high-resolution, color LCD screen for view and playback, and also allows one-handed operation of the joystick to provide All-Way® tip articulation and menu control. It also offers users the capability to stream digital video directly to a personal computer via its USB streaming video port.

XL PRO and XL PRO Plus probe diameters include 3.9mm, 5.0mm, 6.1mm, 7.3mm and 8.4mm, and they are easily interchangeable. They are equipped with Everest VIT’s exclusive iVIEW™ image management platform; integrated temperature warning system (6.1 mm, 7.3 mm and 8.4 mm); AC, DC, or battery operation for total portability; support three measurement modes – ShadowProbe®, StereoProbe® and comparison; and a shipping/operating case.

“The 6.2 mm scope was initially developed to meet a military aviation requirement,” added Lopez. “But we are confident that the small diameter size combined with the ability to use internal working tools will make it ideal for retrievals and inspections in commercial aviation and across many industries. Loose parts and debris in any confined space can cause serious damage. Foreign objects lodged inside pipes, valves, tubes, heat exchangers, tanks or vessels can also jeopardize manufacturing, process and power generation systems. The scope represents the complete package in video borescope technology. It’s the one tool that should be in every inspector’s toolbox.”

About Everest VIT
Headquartered in Flanders, New Jersey, Everest VIT is the industry leader in the development, sales, rental, training and on-site service of Remote Visual Inspection equipment. Everest VIT’s services and products enable companies to inspect machinery, facilities and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner possible. Everest VIT products have been used to streamline the inspection process in all industries where safety, security and accuracy are of paramount concern, such as aviation, power generation, processing, manufacturing, law enforcement and infrastructure. For more information on Everest VIT visit www.everestvit.com or call 888-332-EVIT (3848) or 973-448-0077.